Emergency Update



HRL Laboratories will resume normal business operations on Monday, October 14th, 2019.  



Due to air quality issues at HRL, we have made a decision to close the facility immediately. If possible, please complete your timecard by 10am this morning.  Managers are asked to approve timecards by 12 Noon.  Below is some guidance on work charging for today.
If you are able to productively work today, please charge your normal charge lines.  To the extent you were not able to be productive, please charge your time to:
Overarching charging guidance is to charge any reasonable downtime to the special charge number noted above.  This includes not being able to work, inefficiency resulting from working off site, connectivity issues, etc. Below is specific information on charging to be followed: Reminder:  For those on a 9/80 schedule, make sure to maintain the correct charging practice during this time Note on the charging of PTO:   If PTO was previously scheduled for this week, it should be charged unless the employee was impacted by the shutdown to the extent their plans had to be canceled.  Please use your judgement to have the charging accurately reflect the situation.

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